Student Programs

Our student programs are opportunities for youth to develop their skills, solve exciting problems, and have fun with like-minded new friends! Not only will our programs teach participants about STEM, they will help them develop the multidisciplinary and soft skills that are essential for success in every area of life, such as critical thinking, leadership, teamwork, design thinking, and more. Join one of our programs to pursue (or discover) your STEAM passion!

Try out an array of workshops across the Center’s specialties to find your own STEAM path and passion!

This intensive program gives you the space, tools, and knowledge to nurture your STEAM passion and delve deep into one specialty.

Work on your STEAM passion while developing your English language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking in a comfortable, safe, STEAM-filled context.

STEAM Discovery Cluster

The STEAM Discovery Cluster program gives participants the opportunity to participants to master the basics in our eight main workshops.

STEAM Exploration

This intensive program gives participants the space, tools, and knowledge to nurture their STEAM passion and delve deep into one specialty – or more! Although the level of immersion in this program is defined as “introductory”, it takes the engaged participant into the specifics of the STEAM specialty. So, by the end of the course, they are not experts in the field, but fully introduced to the STEAM specialty requirements in knowledge, skill and effort to pursue either an entrepreneurial venture or an informal Makerspace project. A wide range of STEAM Exploration courses will be offered at the Riyadh STEAM Center.

Global Communication for STEAM

The Global Communication for STEAM course helps the Riyadh STEAM Center’s students develop essential 21st century skills, including critical thinking, collaboration, and visual literacy in addition to the productive and receptive skills essential to their project-based learning.

The course goal is to guide the learners to think critically and communicate effectively. To achieve this goal, the learners take two complementary pathways: Listening & Speaking (4 levels) and Reading & Writing (4 levels.)

With focus on the four skills, the course provides the learners with a perfect forum for making connections with topics ranging from science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) to business and global issues and develop academic literacy skills in the process.