About the STEAM Discovery Center

The STEAM Discovery Center is an extracurricular STEAM education and teacher training institution. At the Center, we encourage every visitor to think creatively, solve real world problems, and challenge their limitations. Our programs are fun, project-based learning experiences where students can make connections between school, their community, and the broader world. We don’t study, memorize, or test; instead, we create, innovate, build, experiment, and discover!

What is STEAM?

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) is an interdisciplinary approach to learning. In today’s modern world, an education in STEAM not only prepares students for a technical career, but helps them to develop the critical thinking, creativity, leadership, and teamwork skills that are essential for success.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality, experiential learning programs to Saudi Arabia’s young scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and innovators to solve local and global challenges. Our goal is not to help children pass a test (although we do that too!), but to equip them with the technical and soft skills that will enable them to solve messy, real-world problems and benefit them regardless of where their future careers may take them. To that end, the Center offers programs designed to allow participants to explore, apply, and innovate through hands-on activities and our project-based learning approach.

The Center knows that behind every successful student is a team of dedicated teachers. That’s why we also want to help Saudi Arabia’s STEAM teachers become better prepared to support their students. Our programs will provide teachers with expertise in modern pedagogical best practices, such as experiential learning and Universal Design for Learning, that will help spread our passion for STEAM teaching across the Kingdom.


Our Core Values

Inclusion: Our program seeks to reach out and provide opportunities for students of all backgrounds and learning abilities. The Center also promotes gender equality in the field of STEM.

Solution-Oriented Focus: The Center’s programs value the role of STEM education as a key contributor to solving challenges faced by people in locally and globally. Real life application of knowledge and skills is essential for this process.

Experiential Learning: The Center’s programs are designed around an experiential approach allowing students to develop their ability to reflect, theorize and plan action based on concrete learning experiences.

Unconditional Positive Regard: The Center upholds the principle that students are to be individually valued and are entitled to have their own feelings and own experiences.

Empowerment for Life: Center programs value the development of life and work skills as part of the program. Such skills include effective communication, teamwork and leadership skills.

Global Awareness: The Center upholds the principle of raising students’ awareness of their belonging to a global community with shared challenges as well as their important role within this global community.

Sustainability: We are committed to human and environmental well-being and contributing to a better world for all living and future generations.


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